Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nothin' but socks and hair...

So I've joined Socktoberfest. It's really not going to be a stretch for me since I'm already working on a pair of socks and I have a pair or two in mind after these are finished.

This is destined to be a Christmas present for my brother. Is it just me, or are guys socks huge??? I look at this sock and I think to myself 'that could never fit anyone, it just too big.' Then I did what all knitters do (within reason)... I tried it on. Surprisingly, once it was on, it was definitely loose on me, but not nearly as ginormous as I thought. Admit it, you try on knitted objects that are meant to be gifts too!

Anyway, these and another pair of socks are definitely going to be in progress through October, so I might as well join up.

In other news, I'm sick of my hair. Well, I was sick of my hair... It was flat, lifeless, I couldn't get to do anything nice. The length was weighing it down and it's the same style I've had since high school, just grown out. It was time for a change. (granted the change I made is not too drastic, just enough to make it look different.) What do you think?

Personally, I love it! It short enough that it doesn't get weighed down. I don't even remember the last time I had bangs... I'm thinking freshman year in college, which was, oooh, eight years ago! Let me tell you, I love them!

Don't even get me started on how much I love it in a ponytail... Very Audrey Hepburn.


duchessofgravity said...

i do like the hair i meant to say so before...i think i'm going to have to hack off whats left of mine :) i told the girls at work...they are not sure how i can cut it much shorter... ;) but i love yours. so elegant :)

pinkladykatie said...

adorable, you really do look like audrey hepburn with that ponytail!

Anonymous said...

You're really a very pretty young woman no matter what you do with your hair. And the pony tail is definitely attractive. I've always loved hair tied back, and with your features it really works. But you would be pretty if you shaved your head and wore a burlap bag. It's difficult to obscure the kind of natural beauty you won in the genetic lottery. Count yourself lucky.