Thursday, June 15, 2006

A post with some substance.

Finally I get to update you on what's been happening these past few days...ok, more than a few days... Well, the minute I picked Gabe up from the airport he and I were running around like crazy people. There were a million things to do and only three days to do them in. First of all, we had to visit with his mom, then we had to drive about an hour to visit with one of his sisters, then drive two and a half hours to get to my apartment, then drive another two and a half hours to get to where my old roommate's wedding was taking place, then drive back to my apartment, then pack up the car, then drive the two and a half hours again to visit his dad. Oh, and did I mention that somewhere in all of that I had to take my car into the shop to not only get the oil changed for the road trip, but also get an inspection and, on top of that, the AC stopped working so I had to get that fixed just gotta love the timing. Like I said, I had three days to do all of this... It was, to say the least, hectic.

The wedding was fabulous. I had so much fun catching up with all my friends from college. Not to mention it was nice to finally introduce them to Gabe. Here are a couple of pictures from that.

Here's one of the bride and I. She was gorgeous, as all brides are. It was definitely a fabulous dress and I wish I'd taken a picture of the back of it because the details were just amazing.

I knew right away that the wedding was going to be fun because the bride walked in to disney music playing where Goofey would intermittently laugh throughout it. Not to mention, the several whistles bordering on cat calls that were thrown her way as she was walking in... yeah, it was going to be that kind of wedding.

This is one of my roommates and I. I can tell you, I probably have about a million pictures just like this one of the four of us at various parties, graduation, in the dorm, at other weddings, etc. It's pretty much our standard pose!

And of course, there's the obligatory picture of Gabe and I. It took some major effort on my part, but I finally convinced him to dance with me. He's not much of a dancer, so he really needed some encouragement! It's a good thing I got him to finally dance when I did because it ended up being the last song of the evening!

After the wedding there was still so much left to do before we could finally take off for Colorado. I swear it was the most hectic thing trying to do so much in so short a time, but really, it didn't matter, because Gabe was finally there and that made just about everything alright.

By the way, somewhere in there, I did end up giving Gabe his sweater. He loves it. The only problem is there are a few things I need to tweak on it. The neck is a bit snug so I need to redo that. Also, the arms a little short and a little to tight for how he likes them, so I'm going to fix those too. So it turns out that it's a good thing I didn't wait to give it to him because then I wouldn't be able to fix it.

So, let me tell you about the drive.... It was long. Other than that, nothing to spectacular or eventful happened. I didn't take any pictures because, let's face it, Kansas has a whole lot of nothing to it. Not to mention, we didn't really want to stop for anything. We managed to make it here in about 26 hours. We did stop at a rest stop and slept for a few hours but actual driving time was 26. I don't think I've ever been more happy to get out of a car in my life.

So what have I been doing since I got here? Well, I've been trying to get back to work but it seems to be taking more time that I thought it would. Gabe has taken me hiking and rock climbing already. Rock climbing is....unique. I'm not too bad at it, but I still don't know a lot of technique and that's kind of frustrating. During one of the climbs I actually fell. It wasn't more than a few feet before the rope caught me, but I banged into the side of the rock pretty good. I have bruises all over my legs and muscles I didn't even know existed hurt, but to be honest, I've never felt better. I was so proud of myself that I actually got back up there after falling. Part of me wanted to say, screw it, I'm done, that's enough of a scare for me, but I didn't and that was a really nice thing.

Here's a couple of pictures from one of the places we climbed.

This is one of Gabe. He makes it look so darn easy. And from the bottom, it really doesn't look so hard and it really doesn't look so high. I can tell you, from the bottom, everything is deceiving. That large looking rock that Gabe's standing on with his right foot is actually not as large, or as easy to stand on as it looks. When I got up to that spot I was having major difficulties.

What I find funny about rock climbing is it's really easy to psych yourself out. You stand in one spot too long trying to decide the best way to tackle the next couple of moves and you may find yourself convincing yourself you can't do it. But when you finally do, it definitely makes you feel great.

This is one of the crazier sections Gabe tried.
He's been doing this for a long time, so sheer rock faces with just a few cracks to climb up apparently seem like fun to him. For me... not so much.

I have no idea when we're going again just because it seems like this weekend is already going to be a little bit full. A couple of Gabe's friends who used to live here will be in town and he mentioned something about wanting to take me to the zoo. I suppose we'll see.

As for knitting. If you can believe it, I haven't been doing all that much. I did start that lace panel tank top out of the Spring IK. I haven't gotten very far, but I'm happy with the results at this point. This picture makes the purple look a lot lighter than it actually is.

So what do you think? Is this post long enough? I'd say it is so I'm going stop there. But now that I'm back to having internet, I'll definitely be posting more of my adventures here in CO.

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