Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Crazy, crazy, crazy

Ok, this is a little update to assure everyone I haven't fallen off the face of the planet! Here I thought things would calm down after the holidays.... apparently I was wrong. But not wrong in a bad way! I have been having the best time recently!

On Saturday I went to our favorite hang out spot and knit with the wonderful Rachel and Beth. We really had a very nice time and it had definitely been too long since we all got together. Of course, it was a little scary getting there because there was so much snow on the road. I suppose that just shows you how far I'd go for knitting. I'm like the postman (or woman).... through snow, and rain and fog, I'd go to knit!

The excitement of Saturday certainly didn't end there..... Saturday night I had a date! I realize that in my 100 things I wrote something like:

7. I believe the right person for me is out there
8. I’m in no rush to find him

Well, just because I'm in no rush to find the person for me doesn't mean I'll turn down a date! We ended up going to a pizza place for dinner, very casual which helped calm my nerves! Then we went to a college basketball game. I have to tell you, I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy myself because I'm not a huge sports fan, but we had such a great time. After the game we walked to a bar not too far away for drinks and to wait for the traffic to clear (it was a really big game so there were a ton of cars). I really can't get over how well we got along. There weren't any awkward silences, we just talked and laughed all night long... It was great! He asked me out to dinner tonight so I'm excited about that.... only this time I think it's going to be a little less casual, yikes, I hope I don't get all nervous.

Ok, on to some knitting related stuff. Monday night my mom and I drove down to Binghamton to visit my brother and go to trivia night. Seeing how my trivia knowledge isn't any better than it was last time, I needed something to occupy me while everyone else came up with the answers! It's a good thing I ended up bringing my mom's sweater to work on. I really got quite a bit done. Considering it's 260 stitches on size 3 needles, it takes a good bit of time to get through one round. I think I added about an inch to it. Pictures soon to follow.... Our team actually ended up winning, though I can't say I contributed much!

Since I seem to be having trouble focusing on making this a worthwhile blog entry, I'll leave you with a bit of trivia.... How many squares are on a scrabble board?


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you say anything about the date on Saturday? Oh wait I know, because I did all the freaking talking! Wow! How cool! Very happy for you!

Beth (big geek)

Lauren said...

Hi Erin :) Wow, a date!! *ooo* Sounds like you had a nice time.

I love hanging out with my knitting friends, and I am glad that you got to do the same... they keep me sane, I think!

um said...

oh hooray! a date! any guy that can make a sporting event worthwhile is a-okay! have fun getting to know him, and even getting to know yourself a little more as you get to know him. huh? look, it makes sense to me. :p

okay, the scrabble board has 324 - a guess from me and my hubby :)

amy said...

braving the snow for knitting! that is dedication!

hope you had fun on your 2nd date. being single too, i know how the whole nerves thing goes :)

260 stitches on size 3's? eek. i am making my first sweater. the back was only like 50 stitches on size 17's! and yes, i did that on purpose. sweaters scare me! can't wait to see pics of yours!

General Ginger said...

255 squares. Hope things work out for you on the dating front. Love the name of your blog.