Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Craptastic is My New Favorite Word

Did you ever notice how craptastic weather has a way of ruining plans? Well, ruining is a strong word, perhaps changing plans is a little better. This weekend the weather was spectacularly craptastic. We probably got over a foot or two of snow. All I know is that I was driving like a granny in my 4WD Jeep! It’s amazing how fast 25mph can seem when the snow is coming down like mad. That never ceases to fascinate me. What also always blows my mind, are the people who think they can drive normally in weather like that… That’s right buddy, keep driving 50mph and just ignore the sliding, I’m sure you won’t hit that guardrail.

So I braved the craptastic weather for several reasons. One, there was knitting to be had downtown. It seems nothing can keep me from knitting with the girls on Saturdays. Not even the fact that while I was sitting there my ass became a frozen popsicle and my fingers could barely move. Ha! That doesn’t stop a real knitter! It only makes her (or him) stronger!

Also, I had plans to meet with the perma-grin generator that afternoon. Apparently, only two things could make me think that it’s perfectly OK and sane (though that is questionable) to be driving in that weather: Knitting, and Perma-grins. It turns out, that not everyone feels this way….shocker. And when I say everyone, I mean his friends that were supposed to join us for bowling.

Bowling was doomed to be another event that I mention in my blog before it happens and then, inevitably, doesn’t come to be…. Damn you blog curse!

Even though we didn't end up bowling and the weather was craptastic, he and I still ended up getting together to hang out. We got snowed in at his place, we watched movies and talked (isn't it just dripping with cheezy romantic overtones?) And, in striving to keep this a knitting related blog, he watched me knit for a little while, just to see what it was all about! Its funny how people who don't know how to knit become slightly mesmerized when watching a skilled knitter. Have you ever noticed that? They just sit there and stare.... kind of with the deer in the headlights look. I haven’t asked him if he’d like to learn yet. Perhaps I should save that for another day…

All in all, it turned out to be a great weekend, despite the weather and the blog-cursed plans!


Knittens said...

Well, despite the blogger curse and teh craptastic weather, I'm glad you had a good weekend. Even when my hubby and i get snowed in, it drips with the cheese factor! But then again, im one of those people who thinks about having a fire and a cup of hot cocoa with my knitting during a snowstoarm - all year round!

Glad you faced the weather and had a good time! Nothing can get in the way of a knitter and their knitting!

Lauren said...

Oh how cute! cheesy romantic overtones are awesome! Thanks for telling us! :)

Have fun, E!

Cindrew said...

That sounds like it might even graduate from craptastic to craptacular.

um said...

snow, shmow - it can never stop a girl from two things - knitting and permagrin generators - and you've proven it!

yeah, those people who drive as if there were no reason to be cautious are the ones who run into the safe drivers. it happens a lot out here when it rains, too. "what, me hydroplane?" they say, as they go gliding across the four-lane highway.

hope you have more fun times on the way, sans ice/snow/etc!

erica said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and am so happy to hear about your perma-grin! I love reading the sappy romantic overtones, it means the perma-grin is really happening. :)

I've been trying to convince my husband of four months that he would like to learn to knit, but I think he has other ideas - "Why learn to knit when you can make me anything I want."

Keep up the awesome knitting. I'm so inspired and jealous of your gorgeous mittens. Another blogger mentioned mitten cakes, so I had to check them out and she's right. They are perfect.

CrazyFiberLady said...

Yeah, the craptastic weather ruined a number of my plans recently. I'm sick of winter already and it was damn slow to make it to NJ this year. Still it sounds like you had a great weekend.

I tend to knit alot on the train and will generally get that person sitting next to me mesmerized by the needles. They really get freaked out by the dpn's and especially the circular needles.

I hope this weekend is better for you!