Thursday, January 06, 2005

All about the kittens...

I finally have something to talk about other than mittens! I know some of you may be shocked, but personally I'm relieved! There has to be more to life than mittens.

A few nights ago, my mom and I were sitting on her bed talking when Pippin (my cat) comes up on the bed and he had something in his mouth. It turned out to be one of those little plastic things that you pull off the top of milk lids to open them. He was so fascinated with this thing. One minute he's a completely normal kitten, then next, he's like a monkey on crack trying to get this thing!

I understand it's completely normal that kittens really like to play with objects, but what happened next seems so strange and fascinating that I just had to share it with you. On an impluse I took the little plastic thing from him and threw it off the bed. He immediately went chasing after in, again a very normal response for a kitten. After batting it around a bit on the floor he jumped back up on the bed with it. For reasons still unknown to me, he dropped it right in front of me, so I picked it up and threw it again, and again, he tore after it.
A couple seconds later he did this:

He dropped it in my hand and waited for me to throw it again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Pippin, the amazing fetching cat!

That's right, we were playing fetch. This went on for the next half hour or so. Eventually the novelty wore off and I needed to have some dinner so I discontinued our little game but that doesn't mean we'll never play it again. In fact, he played it with my mom last night. It really was the funniest thing. Don't you feel special knowing there is such a thing as a cat that fetches? I know I do! Maybe I should take him to the circus or feature him on that show called Pet Star on Animal Planet.... No then he'll just become this stuck up, famous cat and there'd be no living with him then!

No knitting pictures to present today. I can't imagine a few more rows on my mother's sweater to be very noteworthy and warrant a picture! So instead I'll show a picture of Ramses. I swear this cat gains a pound a day! Remember what he used to look like?

Well look at him now!

I know there isn't much of a point of reference, but believe me, he's huge. Keep in mind these pictures are only two months apart! And not only that I think his eyes make him look old and somehow wise in this picture. He's so gorgeous, and not a little bit fascincated with laying on my knitting patterns when I'm trying to read them!


Lauren said...

Mittens to kittens... I see the connection! Love the pics. Wow, your little Pippin might very well be a dog stuck in a cat's body :P

Cute post :)

Laura said...

Aww, kitties. My cat has never played with any type of toy in her life -except- those milk lid rings. Loves them, can't get enough them. Last time I moved there were, like, 35 under the fridge.

um said...

i love your kitties' names! pippin is adorable. our kitty, cloudy, fetches, too, but she never puts the toy back in our hands. i see a circus act in your future! :p that's so cute!

Anonymous said...

I like the mittens! I like the kittens! My cat's like the milk topper thingy too, but they don't fetch, they have better things to do like lick themselves. They are such brats.

CrazyFiberLady said...

Over the years I've had two different cats that would play fetch. One would fetch anything that you threw and would continue playing the game until you faked the throw, not easy with a cat, and then hid the item deep in the couch. He never tired of it. He'd fetch paper balls, cat toys and yes, his favorite was the plastic thing from the milk. He'd also walk on a leash and greet people at the door. I always felt he thought himself a dog in a cat suit. enjoy fetch with your kitty!

Knittens said...

Wow, that is so cool about the cat! My kitty, Roxie, did it once, but she didnt make the connection that if she kept doing it, the id keep throwing it.

I'm so impressed!

*tiny owl* said...

OH my! mEow!
my lil white cat fetches too!!!
it all began when i was sick about 6 years ago
and i threw a halls wrapper on the floor...
she picked it up and brought it to me
and we have been playing ever since.
the other cats are very disappointed in her...
they say shes acting "all doggy and stuff"
several nights she has woken me up
by putting little pieces of paper in my hand
and saying "meaAOWooorrrrrr!!!!"
get ready for a long life of fetch!!!!
heart heart heart
tiny owl

Anonymous said...

My little Moka loves milk rings, too. She tosses 'em in the air, carries 'em in her mouth & swats 'em around like a hockey puck. Sometimes she'll chase one if I toss it for her. Too cute! My girl used to like chasing mini-marshmallows, too - then eat 'em when she was finished. Hysterical to see a kitten eat a marshmallow! They stick to the fangs, you know. Adore your mittens - they're all gorgeous! ~meg