Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Woohoo for Weekends

Oy, do I love those weekends! Let’s all give a hooray for weekends! (I realize that it’s Tuesday and the weekend seems as far away as say… Spring… but whatever, weekends are still great and they deserve their dues)

This past weekend was spent hanging out with the wonderful permagrin generator who will now be known as D because I’m much to lazy to keep calling him the permagrin generator… It was definitely one of those lazy weekends where you just sit around and watch TV in your pj’s till 1pm. I tell you, it’s so nice to meet someone who enjoys being lazy as much as he enjoys going out. Balance is everything.

Saturday he dropped me off at the coffee shop (isn’t that cute? He drove me there!) so I could knit with my ladies! We had a really good turn out. It was fabulous. This is what I worked on most of the time because it’s mindless and I was more interested in talking than paying attention to a pattern:

See, it looks more like a sweater and less like a hat now!

Sunday D and I went to the movies and saw “In Good Company” Excellent movie that definitely had its moments. On a side note, have you ever been stopped by a reporter outside of the movie theater? Well D and I were. She asked us what we thought about the commercials they play before the previews. Oh boy, I could have totally gone off… I, for one, hate commercials in general. They’re annoying, they don’t make sense, and I’m a logical kind of person. Every time I see one that is completely illogical it grates on my nerves to the point where I have to tune them out or I will become a raging lunatic. And now that commercials are at the movies I try to get there when the previews start just to avoid the lunacy.

Of course, I didn’t tell her this, I just told her that I didn’t like them. She then asked if I could remember any of the ones we saw…. You know what? I couldn’t. But I could remember most of the previews we saw before the movies. See that you evil advertising and marketing people!!! Your dirty commercials don’t work on me!!!

Last night D came over and we played Trivial Pursuit 90’s edition. Oh my, I had no idea I knew so much useless trivia from the 90’s. Great game though! It was so much fun. So if you’re ever wondering what to do on a Monday night (besides watch sports when they’re on) I highly recommend whipping this game out.

Because I promised you a long time ago that I would show you pictures of my mitten that I’ve been working on forever, here it is:

I thought this was a very Harlotesque picture what with the stone background. Plus it shows some great detail (that’s the new digital camera for you!) I was thinking that for the mate to this mitten I’d switch the red and the purple. Not only would it look awesome, but it would also guarantee that I’d have enough yarn. That’s me…always thinking!


Lauren said...

Permagrin generator = D , got it! Sounds like you had a great time this weekend. We got that 90s edition Trivial Pursuit, but then school started, and we have not even gotten the chance to open it yet... perhaps I can do that soon.

Your mitten and sweater are really coming together. I love the colors of that mitten!

Take care, Erin *grin*

um said...

ooh, i love me a good board game! i'll have to get that one. i think we have the basic trivial pursuit, but not the 90s one. it's hard to believe that decade is over - by five years. where does time go?!?

nice mitten (cakes) :) i like your color switching idea. i like it that you're always thinking - b/c you pass along great ideas to the rest of us!

have fun with d!

amy said...

consider yourself tagged :) see my blog posting from today. happy knitting! -amy

amy said...

argh. my profile doesn't link to my blog so that isn't helpful. it is amy from good to be girl that tagged you :) my blog is



Kimberli said...

Looks like last weekend was GREAT!!!
Woo-whooooo- it's almost weekend time again!
Did you know Sunday is International Pajama Day?
For me this will be an FO WEEKEND? too... Looking forward to seeing what you work on over the weekend! Enjoy!

Laura said...

Lazy rocks!!

Lisa said...

You always have the best color combinations! Love the mitten. :)

Heather said...

I love your mitten...and that pic is very harlot like...

I *heart* trivial pursuit!!! I won once! :)