Thursday, December 02, 2004

I'm jumping on the wagon...

Since it seems these lists are inescapable (and I wanted to see if I actually could come up with that many things) here’s my list.

100 things about me

1. I was born in Annapolis, Maryland in1981
2. Green is my favorite color
3. I don’t wear a lot of green though
4. I’ve been in love twice
5. It didn’t work out either time
6. I’m not bitter about love.
7. I believe the right person for me is out there
8. I’m in no rush to find him
9. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in psychology
10. My minor was philosophy
11. Apparently I’m a thinker
12. My mom thinks the cartoony picture in my blog profile looks just like me.
13. I’ve been asked if I’m anorexic on many occasions
14. I’m bitter about being asked if I’m anorexic
15. My friends & family know I eat like a pig
16. I’ve never dyed my hair
17. When I was a kid I used to think I could make the wind blow
18. I have reoccurring dreams about vampires
19. I don’t watch scary movies because I get too into them and freak myself out
20. The book Conversations with God changed my life
21. I’ve worn either glasses or contacts since I was in the 4th grade (9 years old)
22. I won several competitions for singing
23. I was the lead in two musicals in high school
24. I’m excited to have kids someday
25. When I’m thinking I rub the tops of my fingernails out of habit
26. I’ve never had braces
27. I have no cavities in my teeth
28. I have three nephews
29. My birthday is on the same day as Mother Theresa (Aug 27th)
30. I don’t like gold jewelry
31. I make funny faces to myself in the mirror every morning
32. I have a highly overactive imagination at times
33. I’ve been to China with a children’s singing group
34. Every summer I go on a family vacation with my mom’s side of the family
35. That’s 17 people total in one house for a whole week
36. That’s my favorite week out of the year
37. I cry at movies and TV shows where animals get hurt
38. I’ve thought about going back to school for zoology
39. I want to someday go to Australia and volunteer for an animal conservation project
40. I have very little tolerance for TV commercials,
41. they make me angry
42. and they’re stupid
43. I’ve never broken any bones
44. I’ve had stitches though …. twice
45. I’ve been told I’m graceful
46. I think I’m clumsy
47. I dance around the house when no one is home
48. I have to be in a good mood though
49. I love wrapping Christmas presents
50. I sing to myself… a lot
51. but again, only if no one is around
52. I can sing in front of big crowds
53. I have issues with singing in front of one or two people
54. My kittens make me feel more like a mom than a pet owner
55. They’ve also shown me I have more patience than I thought I had
56. The first concert I went to was Live on their Throwing Copper tour
57. I was in 10th grade
58. The drunk people there scared me at the time
59. I’ve learned to deal with drunk people after 4 years of college
60. I love reading sci-fi/fantasy books
61. Sometimes I wish I lived in their worlds
62. My over active imagination makes it easy for me to wish that
63. Sometimes I feel like life is one big movie without a soundtrack
64. I love video games
65. I used to think I wouldn’t be good at them
66. Turns out I am
67. My mom’s my best friend
68. I tell her everything
69. Can’t really imagine life without her
70. I can’t believe I’ve made it to 70
71. I’m not afraid of dying
72. I’ve been told lots of times that I’m an “old soul”
73. I tend to believe that
74. I live with my parents
75. I’m not ashamed of that
76. I hope to move out next spring
77. I lived on my own last year
78. It was the best experience ever
79. I’m a very emotional person
80. I hide it well
81. I’m very grateful for the life I’ve had so far
82. Ready for a cliché? I’m spiritual, not religious
83. I’ve never been political
84. Until this last election that is….
85. I’ve been to Paris with the French club in high school
86. I got to put my feet in the Mediterranean in Nice
87. The Mona Lisa was a lot smaller in real life
88. People drive crazy in Europe
89. I used to love it when my dad made rice krispy treats
90. He doesn’t make them anymore
91. My favorite hot drinks are Chai Lattes
92. I can’t stand coffee
93. I like the smell of flavored coffee though
94. I’ve been knitting for 7 years
95. It’s the best thing I’ve ever gotten into
96. I tried quilting but it just didn’t stick with me
97. Children laughing is the best sound in the world
98. It sometimes makes me cry
99. Told you I’m emotional
100. Yeah I’m at 100!!!

I hope you enjoyed this because it wasn't very easy coming up with that many!


Anonymous said...

beth (biggeek) I don't think the blog picture looks anything like you! I never thought you were anorexic (sp) You are an old soul! It's great to live with your parents but on your own is better. I like the list. I could only come up with 81!

Maureen said...

For some reason I could not get your blog refreshed in my favorite list. So, I had fun reading all your back entries. The last one I read was Nov.17..... Love those new mittens. I just won the Magnificent Mittens book on Ebay last week. Just got it in the mail today. Can you tell me the name of some of the yarns yuo use for your mittens. I never heard of the brand they list in the book. Hoping to start some after the Christmas holiday.

um said...

your list was really touching. i really liked it all, but i thought #17 was totally cool. what made you think that? (asked in a serious tone, not like in a mean way) it almost sounds like a line in a poem. i loved it.

are you a big fan of live? they're from my area, and when i was a secretary, they rented out the building down the road and would rehearse there. one of my co-workers was investigated for stalking them.

man, you sure have traveled! i envy that. i also envy your ability to sing in front of people. i can see why 1 or 2 would bug you, and not a crowd - less personal maybe?

thanks for posting this! it was fun getting to know you!

Anonymous said...

Your list is great!
How come your dad doesn't make Rice Krispie Treats anymore?

You know, I never thought about the Mona Lisa being any bigger or smaller than I had imagined, but it would make sense that it is smaller than most people think. Someday, I'll see it, and then I'll have to email you right away and tell you if I think it is any smaller than I thought it would be...

Rachel (the Knittiot)

Knittens said...

I loved the list! I dont like gold jewlery either.

BTW, I think your tree is beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

Lauren said...

Hi ErLeCa-Your list is fantastic! I think that you should come down to your birthplace, and visit me too! I am only about 30 minutes from Annapolis.

It was great learning this stuff about you :)

Lisa said...

I love your list! You sound like such a funny person (esp from #31).

mariaknits said...

I just found your blog, and I think it's great! How can I steal your button? I don't know how to put buttons on my blog, but would like to put yours on. Thanks!