Thursday, December 23, 2004


Phew, what a week it's been. And here I thought I'd be less busy with no more concerts or rehearsals to go to. Ha! Boy was I fooled. My sister and nephews left on Tuesday. It's so bittersweet. I hate seeing them go. But the good news is I'll be seeing them in a week when my family and I drive down to Maryland.

I have to say, I have become the ultimate enabler! Monday night I was sitting there doing my thing, knitting mittens for my sister, watching my middle nephew kick some butt on his video game, when my oldest nephew comes over to me and just starts watching me knit.

Nephew #1: Is that hard to do?

Me: Not really, do you want to learn?

He tentatively shakes his head 'yes' and I'm up out of my seat faster than you can say 'knit stitch.' I'm telling you the boy is a natural! Though watching him learn definitely took me back to some of my earlier attempts to knit... dropped stitches, holes, and carried yarn found throughout without specific purpose. Ah... memories. Not an hour into teaching him, my middle nephew comes up to me and asks if he can learn too. Woohoo! Absolutely! Nephew #1 is 10 years old, I'd say that's a great age for kids to learn if they're interested. Nephew #2 just turned 7. I was very surprised at how quickly he picked it up, though I must say he was definitely distracted at times.

I feel like the ultimate aunt now! Not only did I get to teach my nephews to knit, but they actually wanted to learn.... and they're boys! Look out ladies, we're gonna have some competition for master knitters in a few years. Ok, so I know that's very far fetched because they're probably going to become more interested in sports than in knitting, but hey, you can't say I didn't try.

I did take some pictures of them and I really wanted to post them, but like I said, it has been a very busy week. One of my friends from high school came home for Christmas and we got together the other night. I probably stayed up way to late chatting and catching up, but you know, I'm glad I did!

I will try to post some pictures soon, but I really can't make any promises. I haven't even wrapped any Christmas gifts yet and what's tomorrow??? Oh yeah, Christmas Eve!!! Then I'm going to be driving down to MD to visit relatives so there won't be any posting going on then. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays, but I really can't wait to get back into the regular swing of things!

I hope everyone is having an excellent holiday!


Lauren said...

Hmm--Maryland, huh? Well I am sure you will be busy with family stuff, but next time you are down here, we should totally meet up! :P

Have a Merry Christmas!

Laura said...

I know, I want to teach my bf's boys how to knit, and I think they'd be into it, but they'd never let anybody know. They are teenagers, so I keep telling them it's the ultimate chick magnet. They're not buying it. :)

Anonymous said...

Beth - big geek. Wow teaching a boy to knit? I tried to teach my son, crocheting was definately easier. Perhaps when he is 10 or so. Have a great holiday Erin! I hope to get back in the swing of things too after the holidays and meet up at Freedom of Expresso for knitting with you and Rachel and who ever!

Knittens said...

Have a safe holiday! watch out in Maryland, the natives are crazy.

On wrapping... I had about a dozen more to wrap, I sat down to begin and I got to tape down the first flap - oh my god im out of tape and i'm too lazy to go buy more. looks like i'll have to be the unltimate procrastinator and wait until tomorrow :)

Hey, this isnt that bad. my family is ruthless for xmas shopping on xmas eve. I only have one gift left to buy...

Happy knitting and happy christams :)

um said...

go auntie! go auntie! that's awesome that they wanted to learn and that you taught them. they probably think you're the coolest aunt ever - video games, knitting . . . you're cool!

i hope you have a great trip to md and a wonderful christmas! be safe!