Sunday, September 26, 2004

More Projects

This is my Debbie Bliss sweater that I just finished. It's out of the Debbie Bliss book Five. The yarn is Cotton Cashmere. I love it, and the best part is it fits me well. (Can't stand it when they don't fit right, what a waste of time!) I think the best way to describe this sweater is it's very Audrey Hepburn! So I've moved on to my next project.....

These are the socks I'm working on for my brother for Christmas. It's a good thing he has no idea that I have this blog or else he would know exactly what his Christmas present is this year! They're made out of Mountain Colors sock yarn. Hand dyed yarn and I absolutely love the colors! I'm sure he'll love them. I had totally forgotten how quickly socks knit up. Maybe I'll just do socks for everyone! Oy, then I'll really hate socks!

Apparently my cat thought that this basket that was originally intended for scrap yarn is her territory. Can't argue with a sleepy cat I suppose. And speaking of cats.....

Sunday I went to a cat show with my mom. Let's keep in mind that I have never gone to any cat show in my life, let alone a show of any kind where someone can call themselves a "fancier." My eyes are now open. I have now seen and met many people who are absolutely in love with cats. I'd almost call it an obsession. When someone loves their cat more than their own children, or they never had children because their cats were their children and were treated as such, you know they have gone a bit too far. Yes, these people were there in force. And let me tell you, I saw one too many cats with frilly tutu's around their necks. Many of them looked as though they would commit suicide out of sheer embarrassment. Poor, poor little kittys.

However, I was inevitably sucked in to the hype and wonder that is 'cat fancying' and was struck when I saw the cats of one particular breed. Oriental shorthair. Yes, those cats that are long and skinny, with wild looking faces and markings. I met with many of the owners and breeders and then.... came my doom. I passed by one particular breeder who had kittens for sale. Oh my. How could I possibly resist? I would have resisted just fine had they not taken them out for us to play with. And that's when it happened, that's when I found myself writing out a check so I could take home a little chestnut colored oriental shorthair. Oh my lord, what was I doing?

The funniest part was that after I had taken him home and reality sunk it, I didn't feel at all like I shouldn't have done it. I felt like it was absolutely right and meant to be ( I hate to make it sound like it was fated, but in a way it felt as if it was.) And let me tell you I was completely not expecting to be walking away from a cat show with a cat! Aren't you just supposed to go and look??? As my dad would say "look with your eyes, not with your hands!" It is much too late now! He's here and that's all there is to it. I suppose perhaps I should have kept in mind that in the next few weeks we were also planning on getting a Maine Coon kitten. In fact, we have one all picked out.... not only picked out, but named. Ahhh, that is horrible. I don't even want to talk about the fact that we already have two cats at home!!! We will now have four cats! Four!!! I'm positive that once I finally move out I will be taking two cats with me. That suits me just fine.

Alright, I have kept you in suspense long enough. I know you are just dying to know the name of my new kitten. Well, it took some thinking and a lot of trying on names to see how they fit, but the one we finally decided on is Pippin. Does he look like a Pippin to you?

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