Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas knitting and giggle fits

First thing's first. I am officially finished with Christmas knitting!
The final pair of socks are complete. They're the Uptown Boot Socks out of the Favorite Socks book from Interweave made in KnitPicks Gloss. They're a little loose on my feet, but my mom has slightly larger feet than I do so they'll fit her perfectly.

I started a pair of Serpentine Mitts out of some Mountain Colors Bearfoot that I had in my stash. So far I'm loving them, but I haven't even gotten to the cable part yet.
The colors are actually a bit darker in real life, but they're still gorgeous.

So I have a little story to tell you folks, but I have a word of warning to you, if you don't appreciate potty humor, you may not appreciate this story.

Recently I've been feeling the need to join some sort of community and not really knowing where to go, I happened to run across a Ravelry group for Unitarian Universalists. I'd heard of them before but never really looked into it because the idea of church never sat well with me. For whatever reason I decided to do a little research and it turns out that UU principles speak pretty closely to some of the things I already believe.

A little more research later and I found a local UU group where I live. The boy and I decided to go to the service last Sunday. Being new, we sat in the back and took in the feel of the service. About five minutes in, a woman brought two elderly gentlemen in to sit in the row in front of us. I barely even noticed their arrival until, not five minutes after that, a rather powerful odor reached my nose.

Turns out one, or quite possibly both, of these gentlemen had a case of the old man farts. Rather than be disrespectful and move, the boy and I sat through the onslaught of pungent flatulence. Somewhere through the middle of this, I looked over at the boy and notice he has his hand to his nose and for whatever reason that sent me into a fit of the giggles.

I don't know if you've ever had a giggle fit in a completely inappropriate place, but I can tell you it's awful. All you want to do is let out this giggle energy but you can't!!! And what escapes your nose is some kind of outward snort and your body is shaking from the silent laughter.

I couldn't even look at the boy because when I did, I would start to silently laugh harder because he was laughing.

Aside from the old man farts, the service was quite nice. It wasn't preachy and there were even light hearted moments where laughter was complete appropriate. Thank god for those moments. Hopefully next week we can pay a bit more attention to the service and less attention to calming a giggle fit.


Katy said...

DH&I joined our local UU about 6 years ago--one of the best things we've ever done.
But sit up front next time. ;)

Laurie (Moo!) said...

I agree with Katy. Either bring a gas mask or sit closer next time! LOL!

Congrats on finishing your holiday knitting. That's a great feat.

Anonymous said...

So, you were sitting in the old farts section.

I know a few Unitarians around town. I once heard one of them say the following about their beliefs. "We Unitarians have an abiding faith in we know not quite what."

If that was my stand on things, I can't see joining an organization on that account. Shrug.

(returns to Pagan fertility dance)

smelk-o-matic said...

Hahahhahahahahaha - that is hilarious. It reminds me of what happened at the one yoga class I ever went to. We were all in this pose where you're lying on your back with your legs going up the wall, and probably everyone had to fart, and the old man next to me let 'er rip! I was trying to suppress the laughter, and I couldn't so I just had to leave.


Grace said...

That's hilarious! I have inappropriate giggle fits all the time, so I understand! The socks are beautiful.

Paper Tiger said...

So jealous of your productivity!

I'd be torn between UU and Buddhism. Except I'm a Congregationalist. But in Boulder, they're all pretty much the same. :)

erica said...

That's hilarious. Definitely sit closer to the front next time. :)

My husband and I joined a UU church about five months before we got married. And we were married by a UU minister. I still miss our old UU church, the new one just doesn't have the same feel. I loved how spiritual and calm I felt after services.

The socks look fabulous!

Leigh said...

I love those socks! But darn it, now I'm tempted to buy that book and I don't need another book! :)

Cathy said...

Thanks for the link on the UU's. They seem like an interesting bunch. I'm quite curious.

Congrats on the x-mas knitting. Does knitpicks still sell Gloss or was that a stash yarn?

Knittripps said...

Your Christmas knitting socks are delicious! I am sure the recipient will love them. I have seen a few bloggers knit socks out of Knitpicks Gloss and they always look so pretty.

Paige said...

Yay for you on finishing your Christmas knitting! I never get to chat with you at the Ravelry meet-ups but have been eyeing your Magic Loop as a possible fix for my constant I-lost-the-needle-I-was-working-with problem. Just thought I'd stop by!